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Life Sciences SIG
3rd Monday of the Month
, 5:30p-8p $20 in Advance/$30 at Door unless otherwise noted. Includes food

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Our life sciences special interest group includes medical devices, cell biology, pharmaceutical development and medical records.

UPCOMING PROGRAMS MAY 19: Contracts to Avoid Litigation JUNE 16: Social Media in Life Sciences

APRIL 21: Preserving Equity: Finding Non Dilutive Financing (click to register)

The Marathon of Preserving Equity Financing for Life Science Startups is challenging but very possible.

While most interest in startup funding revolves around capitalization via angel or VC sources or perhaps via new online accredited crowdsourcing vehicles, enormous progress can be made in life science startups using non-dilutive funding. Often it is this kind of capital which facilitates attainment of key milestones such as prototypes or proof of concept, key achievements which will improve valuation and attract equity sources for later funding – all without giving up precious equity. However, this arduous approach may not be as easily understood, navigated or appreciated by most entrepreneurs. 

  • Elizabeth Asai, CEO, 3Derm, an innovative dermatology diagnostic company, winner of Healthbox 2013 and youngest recipient of a SBIR grant
  • Betsy Ohlsson-Wilhelm, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, SciGro, Inc., expert in non-dilutive funding sourcing and process management
  • Natalie Rudolph, founder and president, Rudolph Biomedical Consulting.

5:30       Registration, Networking and Light Dinner; 6:15-8   Program


MARCH 17: THREE MUSKETEERS OR THREE STOOGES? Integration of Regulatory, Clinical & Reimbursement in Medtech

Although not readily apparent to some, the critical importance of a well-defined, focused and integrated regulatory, clinical and reimbursement strategic plan is ultimately critical to successful approval, coverage and commercialization of new technologies in medtech and biotech. While business plans focused on product specifications, sales channels and marketing strategies, the collaboration of the aforementioned key functions is fundamental in early stage strategy and following executable plans. Our panelists will share their definitions of these individual functions and how they must combine to generate success – or face tragic consequences. Moderated by Ed Ross wit panellists:

Ed Berger, Principal & Founder, The Larchmont Group; Mike Drues, PhD, President, Vascular Sciences;  Whitney Kent, Clinical Research Consultant

February 17: We look at the importance of the right Team and how to attract them

Most people get excited by a hot technology and value proposition in a startup, particularly in life sciences. However, most investors are really betting on the “jockey” more than the “horse”.

This night, we will focus on the critical nature of building a very strong founding leadership team for your startup – from founders and core executive management, to first tier and support organization.

Speakers: Mike Fahey, Co-Founder and former President, InfoBionic; Pattie Hunt Sinacole, CEO and Founder, First Beacon Group, and featured Boston Globe career columnist and Yael Schwartz, Ph.D., President and Director, RestorGenex & Founding CEO and President, Hygeia Therapeutics.

January 20: Commercializing Your Product Around the Globe

Commercializing a medical device outside the US is quite different because of different regulatory requirements,clinical trials rules and requirements,reimbursement schemes in different healthcare systems,sales channels,promotion limitations, and intellectual property.

Our panel will update us on the current state of the World:

  • Janet Kwiatkowski, President of the MAE Consulting Group LLC in Deerfield, NH

  • Stephen Hull, Principal at Hull Associates in Rockland, MA

  • Ilka Bijoux, Global Market Manager - Shoulder Arthroscopy,Smith & Nephew Endoscopy, Andover, MA

  • Sandy von Stackelberg, founder of MedLaunch International

  • Moderated by Jerry Shapiro, CEO, FemMedical

Network with other entrepreneurs, latent entrepreneurs and others related to life sciences. Come learn about TechSandBox, created specifically for local technology entrepreneurs, providing office space, mentoring, educational programs and networking opportunities.

November 18:“WOUND UP!” Insights Into and Lessons From A Disruptive Startup

Join us for an informative overview into today’s approaches to wound care and a case study discussion regarding a very disruptive wound care technology and service company. Come learn and find out how things “wound up”.  Also, pitch your startup at our “StartUp StandUp!”

Applicable to non-life science startups too.

  • Guest Speaker: Cameron McKennitt, Principal at Axia Ltd., Corporate Executive, Advanced Wound Care Technologies
  • Moderator: Ed Ross, Excelerate Ventures LLC, Wound Care & Therapeutics Entrepreneur

October 21: I've Fallen and Everybody Knows. The Market for Seniors

Creating and Commercializing Disruptive Technologies Assisting Seniors

There are new robust technologies and business models to keep seniors safer, healthier, and improve secure access to Protected Health Information (PHI). With the tsunami of baby boomers reaching maturity and the largest growth area of the population 80+, we need to keep our seniors living independently at home for as long as possible. Come hear CEOs of 3 innovative MetroWest companies describe their business models and value propositions, disrupting healthcare to improve peace of mind and the quality of life for seniors. Alan Gonsenhauser moderates, with panelists:

  • Piali De, CEO of Senscio Systems will describe how their Ibis system uses sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to helps users follow their daily home care plan and manage their chronic diseases interactively.

  • Yogendra Jain, Founder and CTO of Senticare will discuss Pillstation,  their unique approach to medication adherence, driving complex medication regimen self-administration of prescriptions.

  • Michael Neece, CEO of FlowLogic will outline their unique approach to paper and EHR integration, avoiding costly and time consuming efforts of traditional systems implementations to address the three challenges of interoperability, security, and privacy of medical records.

Following our panel discussion, join us to hear – or even present – at our STARTUP STANDUP!, the 2-minute pitch opportunity to describe your company, technology and value proposition to attendees and solicit help feedback and help! Networking and light dinner begin 5:30.

September 16: Med Tech Serial Entrepreneur  Larry Jasinski 

Launching a medtech startup with a game-changing innovation? Considering foreign partnerships or owner relationships? Learn from one of the area’s most experienced sector entrepreneurs, Larry Jasinski, CEO of Argo Medical Technologies, makers of the groundbreaking exoskeleton technology Rewalk. Larry will share practical insights and stories from experience leading innovative spinal and vascular medical device startups (Soteira, Target Therapeutics), the unique relationship with Israeli founders and developers associated with Argo Medical as well as advantages of MetroWest for your startup. Need some inspiration, information and intellectual stimulation? It's here and not just for medical devices folks either.

July 15: Life Sciences and IT SIGs join together for Taming the HIPAApotamus in the Room: Healthcare IT

Can Big Data improve healthcare while keeping the individual protected 

Digital health records are creating unprecedented databases of confidental patient information; in response the HIPAA regulations have been created to protect the individual. While exacting the HIPAA regulations, is it possible learn from these databases to better the standard of health care? Can "big data" techniques be applied to generalized and patient specific records to improve the overall standard of care and ongoing care for an individual? How are patients being engaged and empowered to be active participants in their care? Come find out and discuss these important concerns!

Pat Rioux, Product Manager, Elsevier
Jeff Tingle, Founder, TheraVid
Norbert Kremer, Data Warehouse Expert
Tim D'Auria, iQuartic Co-Founder

June 17: Tech Transfer Tips

Not all ideas are home-grown by a solo entrepreneur – nor developed and taken to market on their own. The power of academia and industry offer significant opportunities for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs in terms of assets via licensing and partnering, spanning the gamut from basic science and clinical development to regulatory assessment and commercialization. Come learn the basics, inside tips and some valuable stories from experienced experts in understanding some options and how to make it happen effectively.

  • Otto Prohaska PhD, CEO, TransCytos
  • Todd Keiller, Director, Tech Transfer – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), University of Maine, Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center (Steward Healthcare)
    Imran Nasrullah, MS, JD, CLP
    , Head of Strategic Alliances, T1D Exchange

Also, don’t miss “START-UP STAND-UP!”, the opportunity for attending startup entrepreneurs to pitch the audience on their value proposition and connect to contacts, connections and maybe (gasp!) capital!

May 29: Let's go: Putting Life Sciences Startups in MetroWest

This program features tips and insights from key MetroWest startup life science CEO leaders and a brief panel discussion. Also, “Start-Up Stand-Up!”, a one-minute pitch by 5 aspiring MetroWest life science startups seeking awareness, talent and wisdom from the audience.

  • MITCH SANDERS, Founder/CEO, ECI Biotech



Committee: Ed Ross, Kryngle Daly, Andrew Halpern, Alan Gonsenhauser, Kartik Shah, Jerry Shapiro, Chris SullivanJeff Tingle

Committee Co-Chairs,  Kryngle Daly, Ed Ross

     Kryngle Daly, Founder and CEO, KBioBox at TechSandBox       Ed Ross Chairs the Life Sci SIG       

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