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A new program is being formed at TechSandBox. Leaders are being sought to help define the goals, structure, format, and then actually execute.

Thought leaders in the IoT arena, leading companies providing IoT infrastructure or end-points, and analysts are welcome to contact the team Chair, Juby Jacob.

Commitee: Juby Jacob

           Juby Jacobs, GE, TSB Board            The Connected World       


    IT, IoT, Mobile & Software SIG and Medical Devices & Life Sciences SIG present April 30, 2015         (5:30pm Networking , 6:15pm Presentations)

    26 Miles, 385 Yards - Boston Marathon! 
    The Mobile Tech Behind the Event & Runners


    What can we learn from the mobile technology behind managing the medical issues of thousands of runners? What role did technology play in the bombing event in 2013 and the medical attention given to the victims?

    What impact did the extra runners in 2014 play on planning? What about the effect of heat on the runners in 2012? How does the bar code on the runners’ bibs work for tracking? How are family members notified?


    And how will the technology of the future impact the health of marathon runners and ordinary weekend warriors? “As design harnesses digital, materials and networking technologies, a very new health experience is just over the horizon. Proactive, lifestyle design. Tracking real-time health data. Non-invasive tools. Custom "just for you" treatments based on your actual genome. These are all real technologies, being used by ordinary people.”

    Special Guest: Outside Interactive will showcase
    Virtual Runner, revolutionary patent-pending forward motion technology solutions featuring famous race courses, popular running routes and scenic destinations, all shot from the runner’s point of view.


    Rob Osgood, Emergency Management Director, Tufts Medical Center, and TEDxBoston speaker, will explain how the hospital closest to the finish line (Tufts) plans months ahead with the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) to use protocols for incident management, how the web-based WebEOC emergency management technology triages patients and how a command post /MASH unit works to handle emergency medical incidents for the Boston Marathon and other special events in the city.

    Rob Osgood is the Emergency Management Director of Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Since 2010, he has been solely responsible for the design and development of the hospital’s Emergency Management Programming. Rob chairs and serves on a number of preparedness coalitions at the municipal and state levels and is called up routinely to consult on hospital preparedness.




    Juhan Sonin will give us a sneak peek in to the future of health. “We are headed to "stage zero" detection and treatment which has the potential to double or better the lifespan of every first-world citizen. The power of the data and tools is impressive. The implications are daunting to the same degree. Designers and engineers will need to deliver products that are functional and invisible, but also make designs that are inviting not intimidating, reassuring and not anxiety-producing. We want to improve humanity, not put it under house arrest.”


    Juhan Sonin is the Creative Director of Involution Studios Boston. Since 2008, Juhan has been lecturing at MIT on design and rapid prototyping. His extensive human-computer interaction (HCI) expertise led to numerous award-winning, on-the-shelf products and applications. He has held positions at Apple, NCSA, MIT, MITRE and several startups.



    Outside Interactive is a Hopkinton, Mass. based developer of patent pending, forward motion technology called Virtual Runner, which is a software app along with optional wear tech accessories. It was designed to help take the boredom out of treadmill running by offering augmented reality through interactive HD videos of famous race courses, popular running routes and scenic destinations all shot in first person, which can be viewed interactively on your TV, iPad, Android tablet or PC while running on your treadmill.


    Gary McNamee, a lifelong Boston resident, avid runner and serial entrepreneur, developed Virtual Runner after becoming bored on the treadmill while training for the Boston Marathon and frustrated with not being able to train properly in New England’s unpredictable and often harsh weather.






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