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Our Mission:  Accelerate the success of science and technology entrepreneurs by facilitating access to the information, resources and expertise necessary to grow exciting businesses.


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Why TechSandBox

We connect our Members with Experts who want to give back, and make connections to an extensive network of advisors and mentors. From successful serial entrepreneurs, to patent attorneys, to go-to-market experts, we find them and make the connections: right here in one location, right in MetroWest, many, pro bono. Now THAT, saves a lot of time.

Want to get even more our of random collisions and community? We offer coworking space with a professional address and environment. Month-to-month terms and hassle-free.

Products & Services

Co-working space: where we bring the resources to our resident entrepreneurs.

Membership: get discounts and free admissions plus access to other resources.

Experts On Site™: advice and mentoring delivered by topic or functional experts, pro bono.

Weekly programs: panels, and workshops for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs across industries, function,
and stage.

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IT cluster at TechSandBox includes storage, virtualization, SaaS, PaaS, cloud, data center and big data From Medical Devices, to Biotech, to Pharma and Cell Biology, to eMR, Life Sciences are one of the biggest and most vibrant sectors at TechSandBox Robotics, advanced manufacturing, sensors, industrial automation, test and measure are important sectors in MetroWest and at TechSandBox Monthly networking events for all at TechSandBox in MetroWest Clean Tech, green, tech and energy at TechSandBox Pail and Shovel Workshops-- deeper dive and more extensive coverage for cross sector topics Programs in conjunction with professional associations and educational institutions STEM Saturdays club for high school students is in development Join TechSandBox Accelerator MetroWest, Incubator, Coworking, Make Space

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Workshops, sector-specific meetups, and networking are held here several times a month to help you gain the knowledge you need, and build connections.

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“There are great entrepreneurs in MetroWest; TechSandBox is providing a place to work and network.” 
James Geshwiler, Managing D
irector, CommonAngels




Piranha Pond 128ICG TechSandBox pitch competition startups



ONLINE PITCH COMPETITION! Winner announced August 8th!


Piranha Pond is baaaaaaaaaccccccckkk.
Eight startups get in front
of a pa
nel of
qualified investors.

The Incubator for Science and Technology Companies

Your business is different from the rest: no cookie cutter approach makes sense.
When you succeed, you will have a significant impact on the economy, the region,
and even the world. That's what innovation is about.That's the type of company at TechSandBox.

Resident in TechSandBox: Althim Technologies IT support for small business
ALTHIM is customer-focused Technology Management Products and Services provider to Home and Business clients. news and resources about the hot drone sector

DRONELIFE keeps you up to date on all the latest drone news, product releases, YouTube videos and legal precedents so you can stay informed about the rise of the commercial drone — the latest in the commercial use of Drones and UAVs.


StorMagic SvSAN software


StorMagic’s SvSAN software, in conjunction with VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V, eliminates downtime of business critical applications in remote locations, delivering high availability through a virtualized shared storage platform. 

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WoBo Marketing Communications Firm

Kendall Mallory Accounting and Database Marketing Services ORI Office design and furnishings, Boston The Furniture Trust delivered most of our furniture to us
  MathWorks is generously supporting TechSandBox by providing its suite of software   tools to Resident Entrepreneurs.This includes one year of free access to all MathWorks   products, including full technical support services.


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